razzle dazzle Barrage pack

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A superb pack to give a great display. Each pack contains one of each of the following:


Devils Fire – 25 shots, large coloured bursts with inbuilt finale 30 seconds


Fishes & Seahorses – 30 shots, light crackling tails to silver fish in a blue sea, changing to white strobe then brocade horse tail with inbuilt finale 47 seconds


Monster Mash – 25 shots, large coloured bursts with coloured mines, 5 shot finale 30 seconds


Dizzy Dinosaurs – 36 shots, Brocade bursts with blue, red & green stars 30 seconds


Shanghai Cyclones – 16 shots, red tail to silver spinners to large silver bursts 43 seconds


Mighty Crowns – 19 shots, brocade crown tail to red chrysanthemum time rain followed by blue chrysanthemum to brocade crown time rain 30 seconds


Willow Trees – 19 shots, huge crackling willow cascading bursts with inbuilt finale 30 seconds


Space Detonation – 25 shots, silver strobe mines to red palm tree, yellow and time rain 55 seconds


Triple Attack – 21 shots, fanned barrage and upright effects producing large coloured bursts with triple action fans to create a huge spread across the sky. 32 seconds


Benny's Take Away

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Barrage Packs


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CE Category:3

Over 370 shots in total with effects such as the 200 whistling and crackling missiles of the Anti-Tank Barrage, the noise of the Thundering Coconuts exploding and the beauty of the Kaleidoscope and Crown Jewels. Top of the list must be the awesome 19 shot Midnight Storm, the tubes in this cake are the maximum size we can legally go in order to produce these stunning brocade effects.


1 x 200 Shot Anti-Tank Barrage


2 x 25 Shot Midnight Mayhem


1 x 25 Shot Kaleidoscope


1 x 25 Shot Black Hole


1 x 19 Shot Martian Invaders


1 x 19 Shot Colour Blitz


1 x 19 Shot Midnight Storm


1 x 16 Shot Galaxy Attack


1 x 13 Shot Thundering Coconuts


1 x 12 Shot Crown Jewels

Klondyke Barrage Pack

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Klondyke Barrage Pack by Absolute Fireworks is packed in pyromesh meaning that the performance of even the smallest in the pack are of a professional standard. The pack contains four fireworks in total and can be used either on its own for a short spectacular display or combined as an addition to other fireworks

2 x 25 shot barrages, 1 x 50 shot barrage & 1 x 100 shot barrage


 Approx. 2min 30 seconds in total

 Vertical firing aerial barrages


 200 shots in total.

 25 metres

Twisted Twins "Blacklabel" - 100 Shot (1/2)

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This pack contains two of our CAT 3, 1.3G, 100 shot, Blacklabel professional quality fireworks, each with primary and reserve fuses. These fireworks are some of the best available on the market and when you see the video you will know why. Twisted Twins wouldn’t be out of place in any professional display, making them an extra special product. Packaged in steel mesh for 1.4G storage. Also features dual fusing for added safety.

CE & Dual fused.

Full House Barrage Pack

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Premium box of 9 superb barrages from Primed.

Just add rockets and go go go..


Shots: Plenty

Noise level: 4 - 5

Safety distance: 8 m, we recommend 15 m

Duration: Lengthy

CE Category: 2